Beating the Winter Blues

It's the first week of September, which means Autumn is quickly rolling in. The days have got cooler, the nights a lot colder, dusk has arrived by 8pm, Starbucks has brought out the Pumpkin spiced lattes again and Summer is officially over in 2 weeks. What a bummer. I love Summer, I always feel happiest… Continue reading Beating the Winter Blues

Health, Life

What About Us Average Girls?

Two days ago on 29th August 2018, model and body positive activist Tess Holliday, graced the front page of Cosmopolitan UK website and the magazine is set to hit the shelves next month. Tess spoke openly about mental health and how her weight has attracted negative comments from bystanders and trolls on the internet. Don't… Continue reading What About Us Average Girls?


My Favourite Songs of All Time

It's been months and months since I last wrote about music, the last post was back in October when I listed my favourite artists at the time, so thought it was about time to share my all time favourite songs with you all! Some of these songs I've loved since I can remember, others hold… Continue reading My Favourite Songs of All Time


Quarterly Book Review #2

It's been a good year for reading so far, I have read 27 books since January so I am well on my way to over take my goal of reading 32 books from last year! Leading on from my first Quarterly Book Review from January to April, here is the books I've read from May… Continue reading Quarterly Book Review #2


Re-igniting My Love for Breath of the Wild

I'm an all in, or an all out kinda girl. I'm either so in to a game that it literally consumes my soul and I play/think/breath it for months straight. Or I suddenly stop playing said game, forget about it for months/years, then suddenly remember I never completed it/won the Pokemon League/actually played past the… Continue reading Re-igniting My Love for Breath of the Wild

Aerial Circus, Pole Dancing

Pole and Aerial Progress and Surviving the Dreaded Plateau

I've finally climbed myself out of the dreaded plateau! For around month and a half I just couldn't for the life of me nail any moves, I had no motivation or energy and I was getting pretty disheartened by the whole thing.. I even threatened to quit it all. I was shattered after just one… Continue reading Pole and Aerial Progress and Surviving the Dreaded Plateau


My Gluten Sensitivity Story & Favourite Gluten Free Foods

I haven't wrote about my gluten sensitivity before on this blog as I guess I was in denial about what was really going on inside my body. It's taken a few weeks but I am slowly getting into cutting down my gluten intake by a lot during the work week (I eat relatively how I… Continue reading My Gluten Sensitivity Story & Favourite Gluten Free Foods