My Favourite Songs of All Time

It's been months and months since I last wrote about music, the last post was back in October when I listed my favourite artists at the time, so thought it was about time to share my all time favourite songs with you all! Some of these songs I've loved since I can remember, others hold… Continue reading My Favourite Songs of All Time


Icon For Hire Southampton 28/04/18 Gig Review!

I used to be a right gig girl, in a 5 year span I think I went to over 60 gigs, that changed once I got my first proper full time job a year and a half ago (boo adulthood) and have only been to a handful of gigs since then. Going to gigs was… Continue reading Icon For Hire Southampton 28/04/18 Gig Review!


My Favourite Bands Right Now

Since I can remember music has been a huge part of my life. Starting from sitting down crossed legged surrounded by vinyls and CDs with my Dad to the countless gigs I have had the pleasure to see. I have had a consistent soundtrack to my life, every song and band linked to certain events… Continue reading My Favourite Bands Right Now