My Favourite Songs of All Time

It’s been months and months since I last wrote about music, the last post was back in October when I listed my favourite artists at the time, so thought it was about time to share my all time favourite songs with you all! Some of these songs I’ve loved since I can remember, others hold such a special place in my heart for special reasons and others have guided me through hard times.. but all have become the soundtrack of my life.

Placebo – Every You, Every Me

I was only 5 when this song was released but ever since I watched Cruel Intentions Every You, Every Me has been my all time favourite song… ever. The lyrics are so inconspicuous that I can’t always work out what Placebo are singing out, but it’s very metaphorical and works well with the manipulative plot of Cruel Intentions.

“Like the naked leads the blind, I know I’m selfish, I’m unkind. Sucker love I always find
Someone to bruise and leave behind”

Icon Fire Hire – Get Well

This was the first song I ever heard from Icon For Hire, I randomly clicked on it on YouTube and it’s been in my top songs ever since. This song envisions everything I’ve been feeling for the last 5 years, about breaking out of the negativity and forming a happy life for myself. Ariel has beautiful and powerful vocals which go right through you and you can tell the band are super passionate about the meaning behind this song.

“Can you find me friends that don’t rank me on what I’ve been through. The more battle scars the more attention it gets you”

Issues – Mad at Myself

Such a cheesy reason to love a song, but I started listening to Issue’s self entitled album just before me and my boyfriend got together so it’s sort of become the soundtrack to our relationship. Every important event that’s happened in our relationship has had this album in the background.. like a random Chic-flick but just with a better soundtrack. Also this song is catchy as hell and it make’s me happy every time it comes up on shuffle.

“I’m the king of this game, but I think she just beat me”

Rise Against – Make It Stop (September’s Children)

I love me a song with a powerful meaning behind it. Make It Stop is a response to bullying and the suicides of LGBTQ+ youth back in 2010, according to the lead singer Tim McIlrath, the song is about how things get better so it’s not worth ending your life prematurely. Near the end of the song, Tim reads out a list of names of kids who committed suicide as an effect of them getting horrendously bullied.. it’s such a powerful, sombre moment and I’m glad Rise Against took a stand with such issues.

“But proud I stand, of who I am. I plan to go on living”

Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park’s first two albums will always mean the world to me, they were one of the bands that started my love of rock music and I even bought their albums on Vinyl as I loved them that much. Out of all their amazing songs, Breaking the Habit has to be my all time favourite.. and I thank the tough lyrics and the music video for that. Mike Shinoda wrote this song for a drug addict friend but I feel the lyrics can relate to anything. The music video is stylised like early 2000’s animation similar to the animation used on Kill Bill which gives this song a great edge.

“I don’t want to be the one the battles always choose”

Garbage – #1 Crush

Although I grew up on a lot of Pop-Punk anthems, Grunge always had a special place in my heart. Garbage was a band that my dad first showed me when I was like 8, he showed me their song Cherry Lips first then I started listening to their more grungy stuff as I got older. A remix of #1 Crush was featured as the opening song of one of my favourite series, called Hex.. and so the obsession began. Everything about the song is disturbing, from Shirley Manson’s emotive singing to the underlining rhythm of the song, to the lyrical content about someone being obsessive over a partner. I like songs that have a meaning behind it and Garbage have a great way of telling a story without being too literal.

“I will sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you”

Lower Than Atlantis – Deadliest Catch

Not going to lie… I purely love this song because it’s solely nautical themed, also who doesn’t love an angsty pop-punk breakup song?

“I know, I know they say there’s plenty more fish in the sea. But that girl was the best catch in 50,000 leagues”

Fightstar – Mercury Summer

Mercury Summer is basically all about wanting to escape from society and heading to paradise with someone you love, it’s such an escapist song which is why I love it so much. Charlie’s vocals are so smooth and emotional throughout this song and the music makes me so happy (which probably wasn’t the effect that Fightstar were going for but still).

“I hope we make it through, I hope the sea is just as blue as our dream”

Killswitch Engage – Always

This song makes me weep every time it comes on my shuffle, I first heard this song from a friend but didn’t really take notice of it until I saw Killswitch Engage live at Download Fest 2014.. it is such a powerful song live. The song can be interpreted many different ways which is what the band were going for, but the video is about dealing with the death of a family member and picking yourself back up after a hard time.

“I am with you always, from the darkness tonight to the morning. I am with you always, from the life until death takes me”

Thanks for reading! Comment below any songs you think I’d like and I’ll check them out 🙂


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