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Pole & Aerial Progress #2

Since moving out and putting up my home pole I've been really trying to gain some more strength and practise new moves at home. The last 6 months I've seen a huge improvement in myself, I can finally keep up with the classes and at least bang out the beginning sequences of routines. It's been… Continue reading Pole & Aerial Progress #2

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Monthly Favourites! April 2019

This month has been a banger, we are full force in to Spring and on the high road to Summer and I couldn't be feeling more positive. This month has been full of fresh starts and changes for me, definitely one to remember. As promise, here's a list of my month favourites: Aerial Silks My… Continue reading Monthly Favourites! April 2019

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My First Photo Shoot & Tips for Photo Shoot Newbies!

On Sunday I bit the bullet and I went to an aerial hoop photo shoot set in a woods in my town. This photo shoot was the first one I've ever done apart from the terrible school photos we were forced to have done as kids. We were super lucky as the weather was gorgeous,… Continue reading My First Photo Shoot & Tips for Photo Shoot Newbies!

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Pole and Aerial Progress and Surviving the Dreaded Plateau

I've finally climbed myself out of the dreaded plateau! For around month and a half I just couldn't for the life of me nail any moves, I had no motivation or energy and I was getting pretty disheartened by the whole thing.. I even threatened to quit it all. I was shattered after just one… Continue reading Pole and Aerial Progress and Surviving the Dreaded Plateau

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My Tips For First Time Polers/Aerialists

I've seen a few tips around the internet about what to expect from a first lesson at Pole and Aerial classes, but all these tips are coming from professionals or people that have been doing the sports for years and years.. not someone who is still a beginner. It's easy for me to look back… Continue reading My Tips For First Time Polers/Aerialists

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My New Fitness Journey

Gone are the days that people who performed with Aerial Silks and Hoop were either Gymnasts or ran away to join a moving circus. Just like Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness has become popular in the last couple of decades, it fuses everything from Pilates based core moves to gymnast styled aerial tricks. I for one… Continue reading My New Fitness Journey

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My Pole Fitness Story & Why It Saved Me

Never underestimate the strength of a Woman, and never mess with one who hangs upside down from a pole for fun - Unknown Pole dancing, or Pole Fitness, gets a lot of stick in the Media.. tabloids and news outlets basically calling us 'whores' and that we are tainting the younger generations by teaching them… Continue reading My Pole Fitness Story & Why It Saved Me