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Monthly Favourites! April 2019

This month has been a banger, we are full force in to Spring and on the high road to Summer and I couldn’t be feeling more positive. This month has been full of fresh starts and changes for me, definitely one to remember. As promise, here’s a list of my month favourites:


  • Aerial Silks

My love/hate relationship with Aerial Silks has done a 180 the last few months, I always considered myself a Hoop girl, always choosing Aerial Hoop over silks. However, I went back to basics, started learning climbs, front balances, inverts and hip locks from the beginning and building my muscles and skills. I now know what I have to do to get that all desired Aerial Invert, I understand the starter moves to certain drops, I can climb higher than I ever have before.. the puzzle pieces are finally all falling in to place and I’m so excited to see what I learn the next few months!


  • Moving Out

It all happened a bit fast, but me and my boyfriend moved out! We started properly looking for flats in March and ended up renting a place mid April. It’s been stressful with getting the contract sorted out but it’s been so much fun so far, and you can’t put a price on freedom.




  • Yoshi’s Crafted World

I love Yoshi games so much, one of my first games ever was Yoshi’s Island on the SNES and the obsession continued on to adulthood. This game is full of fun, quirky felt characters and a sweet yet simple story. It’s different to the other Yoshi games as you can interact within the 3rd dimension, you can throw eggs at objects in the background and also turn the landscape around to find new areas to interact with. Seriously recommend this cute title!


  • Misfits

This Channel 4 drama series started way back in 2009 and follows a group of young offenders during their time working in community service. However during a freak storm, each of them gain a supernatural ability. Fans of other British TV dramas like Skins and The Inbetweeners will love Misfits, it also stars a younger Robert Sheehan who plays Klaus in The Umbrella Academy and Iwan Rheon who played the infamous Ramsey Balton in Game of Thrones.


  • Cooking

I used to hate cooking before moving out, I did it because I had to and I wouldn’t attempted to try new recipes. The last week though I have been giving it a go, I made my first Lasagne which is pictured here, made Gluten Free pizza subs, dirty rice and different pasta dishes. Excited to try some new recipes, might even try my hand at a small roast!



  • Exercising at home

Okay, so my exercising at home is a bit different to your average work out DVD or yoga training, we put my pole up in the lounge as we have some space free, which means I can finally pole more than once a week! I’ve had a go at some freestyle in my pleasers as I’ve never got to try it, practised the dreaded headstands and also gone over some basic moves that will hopefully improve my strength even more. You can also follow my journey over on my pole/aerial Instagram page, linked here.


  • Viva La Bam

Having no internet all week, therefore no Netflix, has left me with no option but to watch some old boxsets, the first one chosen was Viva La Bam. It wasn’t the early noughties without Jackass and all of it’s spin-offs, one of my favourites being Viva La Bam. This reality spin off show follows Bam Margera, his very forgiving parents, his gibberish speaking uncle and his clan of boisterous, trouble makers as they challenge each other to participate in numerous pranks, mishaps and trouble. Every episode was pure carnage: from going on a town wide scavenger hunt for the prize of demolishing a grande piano, road tripping to Mardi Gras in Campervans and a Moped, turning the whole house in to one big skate ramp, turning a normal town house in to a castle (with an elephant?!) and just generally beating the shit out of eachother.. Viva La Bam has it all, and young Bam Margera will always be one of my top 10 crushes.

Thanks for coming back for another Monthly Favourites! I promise next month will feature less ‘new flat’ excitement haha. See you on the flip side 🙂



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