My Favourite Bands Right Now

Since I can remember music has been a huge part of my life. Starting from sitting down crossed legged surrounded by vinyls and CDs with my Dad to the countless gigs I have had the pleasure to see. I have had a consistent soundtrack to my life, every song and band linked to certain events in my life, wish I could make a physical Soundtrack of all these songs and memories. So here is a list of all my favourite bands right now, some of these bands I have listened to for years and others are new bands that are unforgettable. I hope you find some new bands to listen to and love like I do!


This band has been my favourite band for around 3 years now. I first heard them when my friend played me their song ‘Hooligans’ on the beach, I remember saying “what the hell is this?” as it was so different to what I usually listened to at the time. Issues are a Metalcore five piece from Atlanta, with three full albums (Black Diamonds, Issues & Headspace) and an EP (Diamond Dreams). The vocalist Tyler Carter has a very beautiful R&B voice which mixes well with their Metalcore vibe.

Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow are a five piece Metalcore band from Southampton in South England, consisting of brothers Daniel Winter-Bates (Lead Vocals) and Davyd Winter-Bates (Bassist). They have released 4 massive albums (Portraits, A Union of Crowns, Runes and Earthbound) and 1 EP (The Sleep of the Innocents) all in 10 years since their formation. Dani Winter-Bates harsh vocals mixed with Jason Cameron’s melodic singing makes Bury Tomorrow one of the best in the current Metalcore scene.

Don Broco

A little different to the rest of the bands on the list, Don Broco are an Alternative Rock four piece from Bedford in England. They have released two main Albums (Priorities and Automatic) and four extended plays (Living the Dream, Thug Workout, Big Fat Smile and You Wanna Know). What makes them different to the other bands on the list is they almost have a Groove to some of their songs while still keeping the alt rock edge.

Years & Years

The only Electronic band on this list is Years & Years, I saw them at a Gaming Convention in April and they blew me away.  Years & Years are a trio fronted by former actor Olly Alexander from London in England. They have only released one studio album so far called Communion, however it went straight to Number 1 in the UK and Ireland. What also makes this band great is how much work they put in to help Anti-Bullying and Mental Health charities.

Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses are a five piece rock band from Canberra in Australia and one of my favourite newer bands. I first saw them in 2013 when they were supporting Sleeping With Sirens but stupidly forgot to look them up again, luckily they popped up in my YouTube suggestions (thanks YouTube, I owe you one!). They have released five albums (Formation, Ground Dweller, Unimagine, Reimagine and Dissonants) and an EP (Snow Sessions).

Sumo Cyco

Sumo Cyco are an independent four piece band from Ontario in Canada, you might remember the lead singer Skye Sweetnam from her work in the early 2000’s on the Barbie TV shows. The only way I can describe Sumo Cyco is that they are basically a  female fronted Skindred. They have released two studio albums (Lost in Cyco City and Opus Mar) and countless music videos that they have scripted and produced themselves. One reason I love Sumo Cyco is that they are completely self reliant and still produce great music, also they do a some great covers of popular songs (Dua Lipa , Macklemore & Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

I’d love to hear what everyone’s favourites bands are right now, I am always open to hearing new bands and music.


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