My Pokemon Team

Pokemon: Sword and Shield is only two days away! I’m so darn excited and have finally decided to go with Shield as I prefer the Ghost Gym Leader over the Fighting one and I love the look of Galarian Ponyta. My partner is getting Sword but we are going to swap the legendaries around as I prefer the look of Zacian and he prefers Zamazenta, also we will swap all our exclusives with each other so I’m hoping to have quite a filled dex in this game! I’m getting fidgety awaiting the arrival of this game so thought I would reminisce over who I’d have in my team if I was a real Pokemon trainer.

Who Would I Be?

Firstly, who would I be in the Pokemon world? I’d love to be a witchy Pokemon trainer that uses her psychic, fairy and ghost Pokemon to help the community, whether that be healing others, aiding in disasters and generally giving happiness back to the towns. I’m uncertain what region I’d prefer to live in, I like the Kanto region, especially Fuchia City and Lavender Town, but we will see how nice Galar is! As Galar is based on the UK, I’d love for Game Freak to introduce a range of Pagan or Druid characters to battle, if they do, then my character would definitely be one of them.

My Pokemon Team:



I fell in love with Espeon while playing Pokemon: Colosseum as you started with Espeon and Umbreon on your team. I love cats in the real world so why wouldn’t that transfer over to the Pokemon world? Espeon is quite powerful for such a small Pokemon but it’s psychic moves would come in handy for moving objects in our way and helping other’s. There is one Pokemon for everyone that you have an affinity with, one that you understand completely.. Esepon is mine, we are one hell of a team.



I was unsure of Mimikyu before playing Sun & Moon, I thought it was a bit gimmicky and wouldn’t hold it’s own in a team.. but I was so wrong. Mimikyu is a powerhouse, I used it a lot along side Espeon. It would be great to use to scare off the bad guys without having to fight Pokemon. Also, I’m a huge fan of creepy, cute things.

giphy (1)


The Cyndaquil evolution line is probably the only starter line that I would have active on my team. Typlosion is a very powerful Pokemon but also has it’s uses for every day activities, making fires cooking food, cauterising wounds.. also would be a great hot water bottle when out in the cold. It’s so big that I could ride it too, giving it exercise and also meaning I wouldn’t have to pay for a bus.. win win.

source (1)


I’ve loved Lapras since my 6 year old self started watching the series, I also had a blue long sleeved t-shirt with Lapras on the front.. I was obsessed. Although Lapras isn’t as powerful as some of the others on this list, I feel she would be super helpful in an everyday way. It’s always handy to have a constant supply of water, also we could use her to travel and help us catch food in the sea and rivers.



As you have seen so far, I’m a big fan of Eeveelutions, I’d happily have a team of Eevees if I had to. Sylveon was introduced in X & Y, I thought it was cute but didn’t go out of my way to own one. However I had a great friendship with my Eevee and she accidentally evolved in to Sylveon.. once I started playing with this evolution I really started to love it. So powerful but also so sickly cute, my Sylveon knew Moonblast and honestly that was such an over powered move.. we were unstoppable!

tenor (1)


Same as Espeon, I fell in love with Umbreon during Pokemon: Colosseum and it has stayed firmly on my team ever since. I try to use Espeon and Umbreon together in double battles as Espeon is good as offense and Umbreon defence. Also, I feel Umbreon fairs well in my witchy team.



Who Am I Wanting in My Galarian Team?

****Spoilers**** if you haven’t seen the new Sword and Shield leaks then please scroll to the bottom! *****

I’m so happy about some of the new Pokemon in Sword/Shield, there is a lot a Psychic and Fairy announcements which are two of my favourite typings.

Firstly, I’m so excited to see most of my favourites returning, all the Pokemon I’ve listed above will be in the new games! I got quite lucky, as a lot of Pokemon were culled.

A few Pokemon that really caught my eye and I’m excited to catch are Hatterene that is the final evolution of Hattena and Hattrem, which is a psychic fairy type and also looks like a witch (bonus!). Impidimp and it’s two evolutions (Morgrem and Grimmsnarl) look super interesting and is really playing on the imp urban stories from UK folklore. The Dragapult evolution line looks great too, this includes Dreepy and Drakloak which are all dragon/ghost type, also Dragapult looks like it can shoot it’s children at enemies (different but interesting). As it’s so very British, Polteageist has to be on my team in some way. It’s a ghost type that haunts a tea pot, with it’s first evolution haunting a tea cup (Sinistea). As I said above, I mostly bought Shield for Galarian Ponyta as it looks so beautiful and I’m a huge fan of Psychic typing, but I’m also looking forward to trying out the Tyranitar evolution line and Goodra evolution line as I haven’t caught either of these in a previous game. Finally, my starter Pokemon has to be Sobble, a social awkward water lizard.. what’s more to love?

You can find a list of some of the new Pokemon here and here if you are interested (or are like me and can’t contain your curiosity)!


I will update my team once Sword & Shield come out as there is a few Pokemon that have been leaked that I’d love to have on my team permanently.

Which version are you going to go for and also which Pokemon are you most looking forward to catching?


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