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Halloween 2019 Decor Haul

Spooky season is officially over Ghouls and Gals and I am a little gutted but it’s been a good one! I’ve been a huge fan of Halloween since I laid my eyes upon the masterpiece that is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Until April this year I was living at my family home and  didn’t have my own space to decorate with all the creepy, spooky decor I love. Now I’ve got my own flat, my partner and I have been on the hunt for spooky decor on a budget for the last couple of weeks. I live in the UK so we don’t have as much of a Halloween culture like America, which is a huge shame.. but it’s slowly getting better and more stores are selling Halloween decor/clothes/make-up.

Here’s a little list of items I’ve picked up from UK stores near me with a few items I picked up in America:

Hobby Craft:

Hobby Craft was full of cheap Halloween merchandise so I did a proper haul here. As I’m doing a lot of baking for Halloween I picked up a Pumpkin shaped cake tin, which I absolutely love, with a big pot of orange and black icing. For £2 for a bag, I got a few different coloured, glitter pumpkin and skulls to put around the flat on the day.. also I’m going to re-use them for our Halloween themed Christmas tree! As they were cheap I grabbed a large black skull and a smaller clear skull to put lights in as I collect them anyway. Also for £2 I bought a little cauldron that I used to hold all the spooky cupcakes I made on the day.



The Range:

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t actually pick much up in The Range. They had Halloween themed tinsel though so we picked up a few rows of that, it is purple/black or black/silver and has little silver skulls running through it, this will be a big feature on my Halloween/Christmas tree! We wrapped it around my home pole a the party, it looked super cute so I might do this for Christmas too.



Tesco have upped their game this Halloween! For £2 each I picked up two huge orange bowels that have black Halloween themed stencils running all around it, they are perfect for making Punch in or for filling with crisps and other snacks. They also have loads of glow-sticks and Halloween themed light up Balloons, so I grabbed pink and blue glow-stick bracelets and a pack of Pumpkin balloons. Last year Tesco had loads of Halloween items on sale the day after Halloween so we picked up Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse party cups for around 50p for a small pack.


Flying Tiger:

If I had the money I would have picked up way more items in this shop as they have a promo as you walk in the store full of Halloween goodies. Instead of picking up a loan to pay for everything I wanted, I just picked up a pack of ghost balloons, a Witch tea light and a Jack Skellington bow tie. The Witch tea light, that you can see below, is black and has a witches hat on top that has moons and stars cut out of it.. it’s honestly beautiful for such a cheap item. As I’m a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas I bought the cat bow tie Jack wears in the film as I’m planning to do more NBC themed cosplays in the future. You can see it on the image below on my Jack Skellington pumpkin!



Spirit Halloween:

Oh how I loved this store! Spirit Halloween was filled with everything I loved, witches, spookiness, horror and it had it’s own The Nightmare Before Christmas section (which you all know is my favourite film ever). They stocked the masks for Lock, Shock and Barrel, which I’ve been eyeing up on Instagram since last year so I had to pick them up. I also grabbed a pair of Sally tights from the film, I wish I picked up more NBC merch now, but at the time I was worried I wouldn’t have room in my suitcase. I thought I was nearly done with my tiny haul, but I spotted a moon phases plague and had to grab it, it makes a nice edition in our living room.



Wish really came through this year! I struggled to find Halloween shaped cookie cutters in normal shops for a good price so I hopped on Wish and they had tonnes for cheap! I also picked up some Halloween themed pumpkin moulds for jelly and chocolates and a spider web table cloth to put on the edge of our living room table.


Odd items from various shops:

TK Maxx didn’t have as much Halloween themed merchandise as I thought they would this year, however my purse is very happy about this. As the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder I bought a nice white blanket with Halloween characters running down it.. it’s so warm and fluffy.

Whilst in New York I visited Sephora, as I needed a new red lipstick I grabbed Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Devils’ and also picked up Nyx’s Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Oil Spill’. Both lipsticks dry matte and last ages, Nyx has the added bonus of having blue and purple glitter in it, so it’s perfect for Halloween.

Superdrug has been amazing this year and has a full range of Halloween themed make-up, as I bought the lipsticks I wanted in America I only picked up this I Heart Revolution eyeball Highlighter below. The eyeball on top is soft and squidgy, when opened up the lid there’s a mirror inside and also an eyeball design pressed onto the highlighter.

Primark has expanded their Halloween range this year too. My friend bought a pack of Halloween themed earrings and gave me the gold witches hat studs out of her pack as she knows I love all things witchy.

I was also lucky enough to have a friend who is super into Halloween like I am so she let us borrow a tonne of her spooky decor. She leant us some halloween themed cake pop moulds, a Jack Skellington plate, a couple of skull plates, RIP grave candles, a coffin and a skull cake tin, a ceramic pumpkin and my favourite, a huge skull to put sweets in. I wish I could keep it all!


Hope you all had a very spooky Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2019 Decor Haul”

  1. Those are pretty cute, I really liked the themed Pumplkins you have and the masks.
    We really don’t get that stuff in the Netherlands. We get a witches hats and maybe the icecube trays. I have one of those skull bottles .. I might put pink leds in them if I can find those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! England has upped their game and luckily each year there is more Halloween decor available, but it definitely doesn’t beat America quite yet. I’d love to come back to the Netherlands again, I went to Amsterdam last year, beautiful city.
    You should, that would look so pretty 🙂


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