Re-Igniting My Love For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released in the Autumn of 2017, from the moment I downloaded that game on to my phone I was HOOKED. But everything must come to an end and I ended up loosing interest in the game after a few months. I then only played Pocket Camp intermittently, mostly only having a hardcore session when the Halloween events were on (I love the Halloween events in AC).

Since Nintendo announced that the new Switch instalment of the franchise won’t be released until March next year, I’ve had a hankering to play Animal Crossing. I don’t think I can bring myself to go back onto New Leaf and de-weed my town that’s been abandoned since 2016, so Pocket Camp is all I have left to kill the time until March. It also helped that a received a notification that Pocket Camp has a Sanrio and Hello Kitty event on right now, I took this as a sign from the gaming Gods to get my arse back on to the game.

Part of my hilariously over-filled campsite

So much has been added since I last played properly, I used to find the game a bit boring after you’ve exhausted talking to every character you could and probably fished so much that the in-game ecosystem is crying out for you to stop.

New characters to invite to your camp and befriend have been added, more fruit on trees has been added too – you get a local produce now like in previous AC games, so you can trade these items with friends who have other local produce (mine’s a Lychee in case anyone want’s to be my AC friend). They’ve also added Gyroidite Scavenger Hunts for certain events running at the time, right now you can go around all areas of your camp and collect Hello Kitty shaped Gyroidites to unlock special items. Another area to decorate and make your own was added, the Cabin. This can be used to host up to eight of your campers with a high enough friendship level, I mostly just use it to store all the nice furniture that I love but can’t squeeze in to my already busy camp site.

Look how cute these Hello Kitty Gyroidites are

My favourite update has to be Pete’s Parcel Service, instead of running around all over your campsite to give your campers the item they are requesting, Pete does it all for you at the touch of a button without all the chatting and waffling. Unfortunately he doesn’t send requested items to campers you haven’t met yet, you still have to do the awkward greetings before they are added to Pete’s list. Just like on AC: Happy Home Designer that came out in 2015, Pocket Camp have added a section where you can earn items and money by creating a camper’s ideal room using specific themed items they’ve requested. It’s a cute, little side game but it doesn’t let you be that creative as all you have to do is pick the correctly themed furniture and it puts the item in the correct place for you (I might have to jump back on Home Designer for all my creative needs).

Last on the update list is Blather’s Treasure Trek, it’s a mini-game that allows you to collect maps which unravel like a board game, you roll a dice which moves Blathers along the board as he collects items from the spaces he lands on. It’s a unique way to collect items, unlock new characters and money, however each roll of the dice will cost you, sometimes it could be Essence, Friend Powder, Cotton.. but then it get’s more expensive with you having to use Bells and even Leaf Tickets which gets expensive real quick.

Blathers’ Treasure Trek

Unlike other mobile games, it’s slightly easier to earn in game money. You don’t have to sell a kidney to Nintendo to get some Leaf Tickets to buy the more exclusive in-game items and this has only got easier with the new update. I used all my Leaf Tickets buying some new Fortune Cookies (they randomly give you an exclusive piece of clothing or furniture) yesterday and I’m already back up to 50. With the extra missions, Blathers’ Treasure Trek and some patience it’s much easier to collect a high amount of Leaf Tickets.

No matter how long time passes in between gaming sessions, I will always have time for Animal Crossing (even though I never complete the games, because let’s be honest, who has that much spare time and bells – Tom Nook is a crook, honestly). You bet I’ll be pre-ordering Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon, I need a more meatier AC game in my life. In the mean time, please add me on Pocket Camp, I’ll post my code below!



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