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Monthly Favourites! May 2019

This month has been a banger, we are full force in to Spring and on the high road to Summer and I couldn’t be feeling more positive. This month has been full of fresh starts and changes for me, definitely one to remember. As promise, here’s a list of my month favourites:


  • The Image Cella

I had another pole/aerial photoshoot back in February with The Image Cella who is one of the UK’s biggest aerial photographers.. and I finally got the photos back this month! Check out Simon’s work here and sign up for a shoot if you get the chance!




  • Skins

The fight with BT to get our internet active was still ongoing for a couple of weeks into this month, which meant watching more boxsets. For around the 10th time (or possibly more) I watched the first two generations of Skins (4 seasons) as those were my favourite seasons. Skins follows a group of teenagers throughout their two years at Sixth Form College in Bristol, UK. What makes Skins one of the best British dramas is that is doesn’t shy away from the bad parts of being a teenager, it showcases Mental Illness, Drug Addiction, Toxic Relationships, Substance Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy and Sexuality. Also it’s a pretty funny show with some of the best one liners and characters in British television.


  • Working Out

I finally went back to my morning fitness classes as I took the month off to move in to the flat, I was hesitant to go back as I live a bit further away now and money is more tight.. but you know what, I’m so glad I did go back! I ache and I’m tired but I feel so much better than I did a few days ago and I already managed to hit a personal best deadlift (75kg, 2 reps).


  • Nashville

We finally got our internet back which means catching up on TV shows we missed. I downloaded NowTV to catch up on Game of Thrones and ended up watching and loving Nashville. This show follows the lives of a group of country musicians in Nashville, Tennessee: Rayna James, a legend in the country music showbiz but her fame is slowly fading out, Juliette Barnes, a newcomer on the scene who is trying to break out of her ‘country-pop star’ persona and replace Rayna as the Queen of Country, Scarlett O’Connor, a poet that takes a chance in becoming a song writer, Deacan Claybourne, Rayna’s guitarist and former lover, Gunnar, a singer-songwriter who partners up with Scarlett to become the new big thing on the duet scene. Nashville is full of complex story lines including drug abuse, politics, complex family dynamics and relationships along side catchy country tunes.


  • Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

Since moving out I have more time to game as I don’t have to fight my mother for the TV. First on my list of games I loved but never completed was Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, I wasn’t going to play New Vegas until 3 was finished but my Xbox controller died on me and we recently bought New Vegas or £2 in CEX for the PS3. The Fallout series is set in an future America after a post-apocalyptic war, in Fallout 3 you play as a Vault Dweller who is forced out of the safe confines of Vault 101 to search for your missing father in the wastelands of DC, Maryland. In New Vegas you play as a courier in the Mojave Desert who gets shot in the head to find themselves patched up by a doctor from a far off town, you then hunt for your would-be murderers. The Fallout series mixes retro-futurism with cyberpunk and post war 1950’s american culture, the series is full of wacky characters, brilliant story lines and entertainment for hours.


  • BBQ Season

It’s nearly Summer which means BBQ time! We are fortunate enough to have a secluded area in our flat’s garden that is far enough away from the flats to not bother anyone. So on Bank Holiday weekend we had our first hosted BBQ, it was a bit cloudy and cold and we ended up only staying outside for a couple of hours, but it was great fun and a good excuse to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while.


  • Hoop Performance

I know I listed Hoop (Lyra) as one of my favourites from last month but I attended a Performance workshop which was so much fun. The workshop ran at my aerial school (Secret Circus), we had an hour and a half to learn, perfect and perform a Hoop routine to The Little Mermaid – Kiss The Girl. I was worried at first as I’m not a natural performer but it was so much fun and I surprised myself by remembering the whole routine. I’ve copied the video of the routine below 🙂

Thanks for reading, catch’ya next month!


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