Pole & Aerial

Pole & Aerial Progress #2

Since moving out and putting up my home pole I’ve been really trying to gain some more strength and practise new moves at home. The last 6 months I’ve seen a huge improvement in myself, I can finally keep up with the classes and at least bang out the beginning sequences of routines. It’s been some months since my last pole/aerial progress update so here you go:

Loise Lane (with pleasers):

My first pole session at home involved a lot of easy moves that I have never had the chance to try with pleasers on. This move only involved getting the pole in the middle of your bum with your left leg to the right hand side of the pole, put your arms behind you, then lean out. I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram bang out a super flexible Lois Lane and look incredible, I’m not as much of a bendy wendy as most polers but the pleasers definitely made me look more bendy than I am!



Way back in March (where’s the time gone?!) I finally nailed my Superman! This move is most people’s arch nemesis, it’s awkward to get in to and takes a lot of time to get the technique. I haven’t managed to get this solidly again but you bet it’s on my list of moves to master. There is a few ways to get in to superman, this one involved a little bit of help from my instructor. I went in to an inside leg hang, then flipped myself around on to my front, I can’t believe I managed to do it, let alone figure out how to explain it!



Spreadies are a staple in every exotic polers routines, they look amazing on everyone even if you aren’t super flexible. As long as you get the angle right, you can look like you have legs for days in this move. This spready involved getting into a witch hold with my hand in line with my shoulder on the ground, then taking both legs off.



The dreaded handstand! I always feel uneasy about moves that mean I’m on my head or could easily fall on to my head because of the skull reconstructive surgery I had as a child. However, with a good spotter and constant practise I’m feeling slightly less queasy by doing handstands on the pole… handstands off the pole is a different matter though! I got in to this move through a crescent moon, then I just placed my hands on the floor and tried to arch my back.



Same with handstands, headstands aren’t my forte but I try to at least do a few in every session, and I can see a huge improvement. I still need a spotter as I have a habit of falling to the side of the pole but I don’t need to be forced up there anymore.

Couldn’t resist poleing in my Espeon Pokemon onesie


This move is such an ouchie one to get into and out of, I had the biggest bruise on my arm from doing about 4 of these in a row. I love this move though (even with the pain), it looks so interesting and I can imaging in looks great on a spinning pole. To get into Scutoid I went into a genie, brought my bottom hand around my leg on to the pole, took of the top leg and put it on top of my bottom leg and let go.. and voila, a scutoid and lot’s of pain!



Sometimes the simplest moves are the most beautiful. Tulip involves hooking your left leg over the hoop, making sure you are looked in with your elbow over the hoop, then straighten your free leg.. easy peasy. It looks amazing whilst spinning too, I wish I did this move at my photoshoot.


Different Straddles:

It took me a long ass time to get my regular straddle which I documented on my previous progress post, literally only started nailing a normal straddle around 6 months ago. This one involved cheating a bit as I had to bounce off of the bottom of the hoop to get my leg in the middle of my arms but eh, it’s progress!

New Strad


I am always partial to a move named after something nautical, Seahorse is relatively easy to get in to and it also makes anyone look amazing whether you are bendy or not. To get into Seahorse you start just sitting in the hoop, move one leg behind you, twist to the side, bring one arm towards you to get that well needed back bend, then bring the leg behind you up on to the hoop.


Over the bar shapes:

Now I’ve been a beginner for a while I am getting to try some over the bar shapes, this one being my favourite (i’m not sure of it’s name though). To get into it I straddled on to the bottom of the pole then straddled (badly) onto the top bar, then you bring your arms slowly down towards your face and hook your bottom leg on. It’s a beautiful move but it is a hard one to hold for a long time, I was shaking and feeling sick by the time this picture was taken!


Thanks for reading, I hope this inspires some of you to take up the aerial arts!



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