New Year Same Me.. But Better

With a new year comes the unavoidable splurge of New Year’s resolutions, sigh. Millions of us posting on social media about how this will be the year we will be as skinny and sexy as a Victoria Secrets model, how we will become millionaires, find a partner worthy of being a love interest in a Romantic Comedy etc etc. With the added pressure of the media, fitness and beauty industries preying on our insecurities and #newyearnewme being a trending hashtag, it’s easy to fall in to setting ourselves up for failure with vapid resolutions.

So, this year instead of a list as long as my arm with everything I need to change about myself and my life, I’m going to focus on being a better person all around and being happy. I’ll still be me, the same dorky girl who trips over everything and runs away from flapping pigeons, but I’ll be better – or at least try to be better. As we should all try to be better people and do better things.

Here’s a few points on what I’d like to focus on, not just for this year, but furthermore – a lifestyle change if you will:

Start healing from the past:

I’m the worst for having random flashbacks to bad times in my life, whether that be the not so perfect way of treating someone I used to know, still holding on to some guilt and hurt from previous relationships and friendships, to not forgiving people for what they did/said to me from year’s ago etc. It’s time to move on and focus on my life now.

Get some confidence, girl:

My no.1 pet peeve of myself is my lack of confidence, I wish I didn’t get anxious in certain situations or not believe I’m not good enough. I don’t know where this lack of confidence came from, but I always remember it being there, I really want to work on this as I have some wonderful opportunities coming up that I don’t want to be overshadowed.

Stop trusting everyone:

You really can’t trust everyone, even people you think are closest to you. I really need to work on not telling everyone my life story, keep some things private, as some people can and will use this information against me. Learn to vent in a safe space rather than to the nearest person available.

Controlling emotions:

I’m sensitive, extremely and annoyingly sensitive. Little things get to me that probably wouldn’t bother other people, but these niggly things eat me up until I burst. Sometimes these little things make me so sad that it affects every part of my life or I get so angry but with nowhere for these emotions to channel in to… and that needs to stop. If that means going to counselling or the doctors, I’m willing to put the time and effort in now.

Make an effort to do things that will make me happy:

I’ve missed out many times on classes, seeing friends or opportunities that I would love to do because of stress, being tired, or being generally lazy. I want to make an effort to see friends that I rarely see, even if that means going out for a drink after work, or taking up an extra class in Pole or Aerial even if I’m tired.

This is by no means a resolution list, I will work on these points above for the rest of my life. It will be a long and often tiring ride, but it will be worth it in the long run. So here’s to putting #newyearnewme in the bin and introducing #newyearsamemebutbetter (new year same me, but better).

Do you have a lifestyle change rather than a resolution?

New Year’s eve with the greatest.. and trusty beer pong


1 thought on “New Year Same Me.. But Better”

  1. You asked — “Do you have a lifestyle change rather than a resolution?”
    My response — I like the challenge of seeking a better version of myself monthly.
    I randomly pick any aspect of myself or my life and see if I can improve it every month.


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