10 Life Lessons Teen Movies Taught Me:

I am a sucker for a good chick flick, especially ones that came out when I was between the ages of 10-18. From the trials and tribulations of every day teen life, fairy tale re-tellings, cheerleaders winning championships, to Heath Ledger singing through a speaker system.. these films shaped many of our generations, but what sort of life lessons did we received from these classic Teen movies?

Angus things and perfect snogging:

It’s okay to not be what is considered ‘desirable’ in today’s standards, being your fun loving, kind, weirdo self is where it’s at


Stick it:

Guy best mates can be just as amazing as girl best mates


Mean Girls:

Revenge isn’t always sweet, it’s always easy to loose yourself in a plot to hurt someone else. You not caring is the best revenge


Love Wrecked:

Who needs a Rockstar boyfriend when you can date your best mate, they will make you laugh more than any other


Bring It On!:

Winning by cheating isn’t a good win.. it just makes you a bit of a loser


A Cinderella Story:

Anything bad in your life can be amended, it just takes the mental strength to carve out a better life for yourself, and ask for help from the people you love


Easy A:

No-one has to know all your business, it’s nice to keep some of your private life on the down low



The best gift you could ever give someone is your help.. oh, and always wear a condom. AND nerdy boys are the best boys


10 Things I Hate About You:

Challenge the system, stick to your guns and never bow down to peer pressure



Use your privilege to make a difference.. even if it’s getting the new girl in school to feel more comfortable like Cher did for Tai


Aaaaand one for good luck..

She’s the Man:

If you can date Channing Tatum.. always date Channing Tatum


What’s your favourite teen movie? I’m always on the hunt for new films to watch!


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