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My First Photo Shoot & Tips for Photo Shoot Newbies!

On Sunday I bit the bullet and I went to an aerial hoop photo shoot set in a woods in my town. This photo shoot was the first one I’ve ever done apart from the terrible school photos we were forced to have done as kids. We were super lucky as the weather was gorgeous, super sunny and warm enough to stand outside for 2 hours without being cold. We had our shoot done at Upton Country Park in Poole (check it out as it’s a beautiful place!), my instructor and the photographer set up the hoop off of a huge, beautiful maple tree that was full of different autumnal shaded leaves.


I was so nervous leading up to the shoot, I’ve always been a tad awkward in front of cameras unless I’m taking it myself and I’m still uncertain of my best angles. I watched my friend go on the hoop first to see what I had to do and was surprised by how easy and fun it could be. We did 3 rounds of around 5 moves, this gave us a chance to have a break and think about some other moves we want to do or re-do.

Although I was nervous and very unsure of myself, having my instructor, the other hoop girls, the lovely photographer and my boyfriend there was such a huge help. I am so glad I plucked up the courage to do this shoot and it definitely won’t be the last! Also my instructor persuaded my boyfriend to get on the hoop for the first time, that was well worth him coming!

What a natural!

As a newbie myself I thought I would write some tips for anyone’s first photo shoot:

Nerves are normal: I was physically shaking and feeling sick while walking up to the photo shoot, but once I got there and saw how fun it would be I started to calm down. It’s inevitable to feel nervous with your first time of anything but try to keep calm, take some sips of water before getting up there and take it slow. After the first few clicks of the camera you will start being in your element.

Do more simple moves: My instructor always says “simple moves always look better on camera”, and she is so right. When doing hard moves, you are concentrating too much on not falling on your head that sometimes you forget what your face is doing, and end up looking like a Bulldog chewing of a wasp.. not good. Even just sitting in the hoop or sitting on a pole can create some beautiful shots.

Bring along someone you feel comfortable with: I am so glad my boyfriend came with me to this shoot, having him there took the edge off of my nerves and made me feel excited about the shoot. If I was left in my own company I probably  would have psyched myself out and not performed well.

Wear something comfy: At first I was going to wear a bodysuit, fishnet tights, knee high socks and my pleasers.. considering the photo shoot was in a wooded area with uneven ground that wouldn’t have been the best idea. In the end I went with my bodysuit so my top wouldn’t rid up during moves and my new Off The Pole leggings, I was so comfy and warm which made the shoot so much easier.

Bring some snacks and some water: Although it was Autumn and there was a cold breeze in the air, I was super dehydrated and hungry. Holding poses for an extended period of time is no easy feat, it does suck a lot of energy out of you. So filling up a huge bottle of water or juice and bringing some snacks will keep you going for longer.

Have fun!: I thought the whole shoot would be super serious but it was such a laugh, unless you are a professional model, photo shoots should be a fun hobby for everyone involved.

Beautiful day for an amazing photoshoot!

Please look up Steve from Poole Photography if you are in the area and want some great snaps done, he’s lovely and although I’m a nervous wreck he instantly put me at ease and is such a laugh too!

I don’t have all the final pictures yet but you bet I will share them once they come through, I’m so super excited 🙂


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