Trying American Chocolate

My lovely friend Hannah recently went to California and Nevada on holiday and brought me back a range of small american chocolates to try. So naturally, me and my boyfriend scoffed them all yesterday while binge watching Little Witch Academia (watch it, it’s such a cute anime). We ate them all so quickly that I didn’t have a brainwave to take pictures of the actual chocolates until we were only left with the wrappers – doh! As it’s a Monday and we are all back to work, I thought I’d write a small but sweet (pun intended) review on the chocolate we tried.

Milk Chocolate Kit Kat:

One of my favourites from the selection. Didn’t taste too different from the Kit Kats we have in the UK and they were quite filling even though they were so small. For anyone who is unsure on what a Kit Kat is, they are just two layers of wafers covered in milk chocolate and stamped with the signature Kit Kat logo on top.


Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats – Original:

Seeing one of these in my little hamper brought back a whole tonne of nostalgia, I used to make these in cupcake form when I was little as they were so easy to make. Rice Krispie Treats are just rice krispies mixed with white chocolate and marshmallows, then put in the fridge to cool down and form together to make this little slab of happiness. I am a huge fan of white chocolate so this was probably my favourite treat out of the selection.


Hershey’s Krackel:

Krackels are crispy rice balls covered in milk chocolate. Never tried Hershey’s chocolate before but was left a little underwhelmed by this chocolate, it’s a bit more bitter than I’m used to as English chocolate is more sweet. Either way, it was a nice addition and was fun to finally try Hershey chocolate.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures: 

Confession time, I don’t actually like Peanut Butter so I gave these little Reeses a miss and my boyfriend ate them all. He said they were awesome and one of his favourite chocolates so I’ll just have to believe him!


Milk Duds:

Been wanting to try these for a long time, keep seeing them pop up on American food hauls on YouTube. Milk Duds are balls of caramel smothered in milk chocolate, they weren’t bad, the caramel was chewy and sweet but it’s the bitterness of the chocolate that put me off. Would try again, just to get a second opinion.



Heath bars are a slab off toffee smothered in milk chocolate, they were probably my least favourite in the whole bunch. The milk chocolate tasted too bitter and the toffee was way too hard for my liking, think I’m more of a fudge girl. Was worth a try though!



To be completely honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Whoppers. To me, they seemed a tad like shit Maltesers. Once you taste how heavenly Maltesers are you’ll never go back to these, as Maltesers melt on the tongue. Whoppers are little balls of malted milk biscuit covered in milk chocolate, they are average chocolate but I wouldn’t go out of my way to try them again.


American chocolate was fun to try and has made me really want to try some American sweets (candy). I guess growing up in England and having a huge range of tasty and sweet chocolate has made me not like more bitter tasting chocolate bars, which is what the American bars taste like to me.

Let me know what American candy I should try!


4 thoughts on “Trying American Chocolate”

  1. So interesting to see you do this since here in the US, we used to clamor for British chocolates. Cadbury bars were especially sought after. It is funny how much I take for granted the candies you listed here. I also have to second the recommendation of Little Witch Academia both the series and the earlier short films.

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    1. I can give you some great recommendations on UK chocolate if you ever need it, we have the best chocolate but America by far have the best take out food! Dying to go New York and try one of the famous pizzas.
      Can’t wait to finish the series, it’s the best anime I’ve seen in years!


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