Re-igniting My Love for Breath of the Wild

I’m an all in, or an all out kinda girl. I’m either so in to a game that it literally consumes my soul and I play/think/breath it for months straight. Or I suddenly stop playing said game, forget about it for months/years, then suddenly remember I never completed it/won the Pokemon League/actually played past the character and house builds on the Sims and I get obsessed all over again. It’s like a never ending gaming cycle.

I can feel you all judging me silently, I know it’s a cardinal gaming sin to not complete games, I just hate completing them! Once you are all done, you either have to start the game over again or watch the magic die.. I personally would rather keep the game running forever and never complete it, which is exactly what I did for Breath of the Wild.

Me and my partner have been running through some Zelda titles the last year, we completed Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and are now half way through Skyward Sword. Playing Zelda titles again has made me realise how much I love this series.. the characters, the locations, the stories, the adventures – it’s perfection. Which is why I broke my own BOTW detox and blew the dust off of my Switch.


I carried on right where I left off, just before disabling the Divine Beast Vah Naboris to be able to get into the dungeon. I heard this particular Dungeon was an absolute ass to defeat and Thunderblight Ganon was the hardest of all 4 bosses. Eh, they were kind half right. (SPOILERS – skip section if you don’t want to know anything about this particular part of the game). The actual dungeon was a tad fiddly as there is 3 sections of the camel that you can rotate and circuits you can either open or close to run electricity through Naboris, I used a Youtube tutorial if I got confused which helped a tonne. The boss Thunderblight Ganon was in my opinion the easiest of the 4, he moved very quickly and also was quite spammy with electricity based moves but he was easy to defeat with the master sword. I worried for ages about having to defeat this boss, which I think was one of the reasons I stopped playing this game for a while.. how silly was that?!

With all the Devine Beasts out of the reaches of Ganon, I am happily strolling through the game collecting all the items and clothes I can, finding shrines and discovering locations I haven’t been to yet. I am in no rush to defeat Ganon yet as I want to discover everything I possibly can throughout the game, I’ve also bought all of the Amiibo cards to unlock special clothing and weapons and am planning on getting the DLC when I’m paid.


The more I play Breath of the Wild, the more I realise how much of a beautiful game it is and how dumb I was to give up on it so quickly. Here’s to many more years of my favourite green robe wearing warrior!


What’s your favourite thing about Breath of the Wild? Let me know!




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