My Gluten Sensitivity Story & Favourite Gluten Free Foods

I haven’t wrote about my gluten sensitivity before on this blog as I guess I was in denial about what was really going on inside my body. It’s taken a few weeks but I am slowly getting into cutting down my gluten intake by a lot during the work week (I eat relatively how I want on the weekends as I’m only human.. and I like pizza too much!). I’ve started picking up random foods in the Free From aisle in supermarkets to try and started following a few gluten free internet personalities too, like The Gluten Free Blogger who is awesome. So, I thought I’d share my story along side some great Gluten Free products that I’ve found!

This Gluten Sensitivity story started last year around January, I very quickly started to acquire illness after illness, things started to happen to my body that never happened before, it was quite a shock to the system. It started off with bad acid re-flux, a handful of colds, generally feeling run down all the time which lead to feeling very emotionally down and a couple of instances of cystitis (which I have never experienced before and would really never want to experience again, it was hell). I initially blamed all this on the contraceptive pill that I started on in the November prior as I kept feeling a little better during the 1 week gaps on that pill. Fast forward 4 months when I finally put on my big girl knickers and arranged for a doctors appointment, it turned out the pill was not to be blamed for my general un-wellness at all.

Fair play to my doctor, she got me booked in for a blood test super quick as she couldn’t pin point what was going on. It was the first time I had a blood test done, so I was quite frankly shitting a brick as I’m not the best with needles. Alas, the blood test went fine, my Grandma even came along with me as I was a nervous wreck but some how the anxiety Adrenalin got me through! I got my results back super quickly and they picked up something in my blood that could have been coeliac disease.. I feel a bit silly in hindsight for not considering this as a reason for being unwell, as my Grandad is coeliac and my Mum doesn’t cope well with too much gluten either. Back to the hospital I went (on my own this time as I had to start being an Adult sooner or later haha), another week passed and I got my results.. I didn’t have coeliac disease (hooray!) but the doctor did diagnose me with Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). She advised to cut down my gluten intake, which I did for a while.. until I thought I was miraculously cured and started eating pasta 5 times a week again.

So that brings me to now. I’ve basically been a moron for the past 10 months my after diagnoses, I think I did the gluten free diet for around a month or two (still had days where I ate gluten on the weekends) but I felt better and gradually starting introducing more gluten into my diet again, and before I knew it, I pretty much abandoned the gluten free lifestyle. At home I did swap my pasta for gluten free pasta (I’ll add a link below as it’s actually better than real pasta!) and starting eating gluten free wraps and pancakes too, but that was the only changes that really stuck.

As I talked about before, I started going to Bootcamp classes during the week so I’m wanting to get into more of a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been feeling really bloated lately and for a while I’ve been ignoring some signs that things weren’t quite right with my body. I’m going to be honest here, I’m not going to ever 100% be gluten free but I’m trying to only eat gluten free products during the week. I’m being good to my brain though and eating some of my favourite foods on the weekends like pizza, sandwiches and spaghetti as I crave them so bad in the week, but I’m trying not to go overboard on the binge eating, happy brain = happy body.

I started doing some more research on gluten free products and even started buying the odd item here and there to try, so far so good! The only food product I really didn’t like was some Seeded Brown Rolls, they were just rock solid and not enjoyable.. but I am going to try some other gluten free rolls and see if I can find a winner. The shinning stars of the gluten free world are definitely this Penne Pasta and this Seeded Slice Bread, which are both from Tesco. Other great products are Genius Pancakes and BeFree wraps, Tesco used to do their own make of free from pancakes but I can’t find them in my local store anymore which is a shame as they were nearly similar to normal pancakes. The wraps are a god send, I use them a lot as homemade pizza bases and are great for ham and salad wraps, they do crumble easily but are super tasty. BFree Stone Baked Pittas are also great, very similar to the wraps as they crumble but great to put salads in or even to make Fajitas. So far I haven’t tried many of the Free From snacks, but I picked up the McVities Gluten Free Hobnobs and I am honestly in love, they are on offer in Tesco at the moment and taste exactly the same as normal hobnobs, they even have the chocolate ones too.. hallelujah! Last exclusively gluten free item is Mccain’s Gluten Free chips, they taste exactly the same as normal chips and come in a big bag so there can be plenty of meals to be made out of the one bag. The one food product that I absolutely love that isn’t exclusively gluten free but still has no gluten in it, is Birds Eye Potato Waffles. Instead of having bread or gluten free bread I use these waffles and pretend I’m heaving beans on toast. Really going to keep an eye out for food products that aren’t in the Free From aisle (as it does get expensive) but are still gluten free, will update this post if I find some good ones!

Thanks for reading! Let me know about your favourite gluten free products 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Gluten Sensitivity Story & Favourite Gluten Free Foods”

  1. Ohh my! I didn’t even though that NCGS was a thing 😮 Wow! Hopefully you’ll be able keep your symptoms under control more now that you know what it is. Xx

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    1. So sorry, only just saw your comment! Thank you 🙂 I didn’t know what it was either until the doctor tells me, it’s crazy how long you can have something and not know about it! Still being naughty and having some gluten as I can’t resist carbs haha! xx

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