We Need to Stop Treating Kim Kardashian-West as a Role Model

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post similar to this for a while now but I thought “no I will not get involved and plague my site with the Kardashian dramas”, but I saw something yesterday and it’s absolutely unforgivable.

Yesterday I saw Kim Kardashian-West post an ad on Instagram promoting an ‘appetite suppressant’ lollipop to her 100 million followers, who I can imagine include 10’s of millions of young impressionable young girls and boys. As you can imagine, she received a monumental amount of backlash, including body positivity advocates calling her out such as Jameela Jamil. I can’t blame Jameela for being angry, I’M angry. I’m angry for the population who are struggling with body dysmorphia, eating disorders and low self esteem having to see this trash pop up all over social media, I’m angry for all the children as young as 4 asking their parents if they are too ‘fat’, I’m angry for my potential future children growing up in a world who values their weight more than their passions, I’m angry that we so quickly follow blind leaders who are promoting unhealthy obsessions to us. And to top it all off, it’s National Mental Health Awareness Week and she’s actively promoting an unhealthy and damaging relationship with food just for some extra dollars that she most definitely doesn’t need.. eugh.

But it really poses the question as to why people still blindly follow her and everything she says (and promotes). I understand young, questioning children and teenagers idolising her as she is a popular and pretty adult with a huge following and lots of money.. but adults? Surely we should know better, I include me in this as I have watched the show so am feeding into the Kardashian hype just as much as anyone else. We need to do better, we need to be positive role models to the younger generation, we need to show them that their weight should not be questioned (unless it is unhealthy and endangering them), we need to be the adults that us as children always needed growing up.

FYI Kim, you have three children at home, two of which are young girls that will grow up and idolise someone online like many girls idolise you. How would you feel if they were promoting disordered eating to your children like you do to the millions of girls you advertise to?

Kim also made me feel very worried last month when she openly admitted to having the stretch marks on her breasts from breastfeeding lasered off and also getting her belly tightened from being pregnant.

“After breastfeeding North, I wasn’t happy with the stretch marks on my boobs, so I had the area Coolbeam lasered by Dr. Ourian. It made SUCH a difference”.

“I love ultrasound radio frequency, or USRF, for skin tightening”, she revealed. “Anyone who has had kids understands what pregnancy will do to your belly button — getting an ultrasound treatment on my stomach just totally tightened the area up.”

What a horrible statement to make, those tiger stripes came from nourishing your children and giving them life, your belly housed your children for 9 whole months and kept them safe… and you are so ashamed that you get them lasered off and tightened up?! It’s awful to practically body shame mothers who have stretch marks and a non tight tummy by telling them that those stripes and belly, that were earned through bringing life into this world, have to disappear. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH STRETCH MARKS OR A NON SUPER TIGHT TUMMY. I’ve got many stretch marks and I definitely don’t have a sculpted tummy and I haven’t even been pregnant.. they show growth and show that I am human, not some plastic doll. From what I’ve seen online and seen on her show, Kim seems to be very insecure and I can’t blame her for that.. we are all insecure, and I can imagine being in the limelight heightens that ten fold. But she could use that insecurity for something good, embrace her flaws and show her children (and all the World’s children for that matter) that being you is good enough, stretch marks and bellies and all.

I can’t just keep pointing the finger at Kim for all this, all the Kardashian-Jenner clan advertise supplements and body wraps that aren’t tested properly and for all we know.. don’t even work. Kylie advertises Waist Trainers, Kourtney advertises suppliment shakes and Khloe did the ultimate sin and wrote a post about how to look ‘thin af’ in pictures (shame on you Khloe, you should know better).

I really hope body positivity takes over the world and people like the Kardashian-Jenners are left behind. I don’t need your effing lollipops!


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