What I Learnt From 1 Week at Fitness Bootcamp

Last week, for some reason, something switched in my brain. My friend has been gently pushing me to go to the fitness boot camp that she goes to for like half a year now, I used to come up with every excuse in the book that I couldn’t go… “It’s too early”, “I’ll be too tired for the rest of the day”, “I can’t go before work as I would be late to work” etc etc, any excuse you could imagine, I probably used. But last week we were chatting about it and I just randomly thought “fuck it, I’ll come along for a taster session”, this taster session soon turned into a taster week and now I’m signed up for a 10 week course! Honestly, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m so thankful that my friend was so persistent with me.. I know I can be a pain sometimes haha. So, I thought I’d share everything I learnt this week for anyone thinking of starting up a boot camp or personal training session!

You’ll be surprised how quick you get into getting up early:

Excuse number one was “I can’t get up that early” which was bullshit for me as I can easily get up early to go on holiday or travel.. but for some reason the thought of getting up at 6am to go exercise was like my own personal hell. News flash.. it’s really not that bad. The thought of getting up that early the night before is worse than actually getting up and going. I set my alarm for 6am, I give myself a few minutes to wake up then I straight away get all my work out stuff on and eat a banana, grab my water bottle and get out the door to start class at 6:30am.. the less you think about it the better!

The people there are actually super nice:

My first thought about starting up a new class was “omg I’ll know no-one apart from my friend and be on my own as no-one will talk to me”, which was so far from the truth. Everyone at boot camp is there for the same reason, they’ve all got up at stupid o’clock to come to the session and surprisingly.. they were all a newbie once so they know how you feel and try to be as accommodating as possible!

DOMS are something straight from the fiery depths of hell:

I’m not going to sit here and bullshit you, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) sucks. I was so sore after my first two sessions that I had to crawl up the stairs on all fours, it get’s gradually easier though, on the 4th and 5th day I still was achy but felt good for going through the DOMS. All I can say is stretch after your sessions and keep moving throughout the day, if your muscles stay cool for too long you’ll get super stiff. A warm bubble bath soak and some stretching after really helped, your muscles get super warm during your sessions too so it’s not too bad until you sit and do nothing.

Working out can help you mentally as well as physically:

For some reason before I started the morning sessions I had a few weeks of feeling quite down and anxious, it got to a point where I was starting to think of going to the doctors to see what was going on, but even after the first session I felt so much better! I started to feel more positive and happier about myself and everything around me. I looked it up and it was due to the endorphins bodies release when exercising to reduce our perception of pain and stress, this can give us a general feeling of positivity and happiness.

You’ll sleep better:

I’ve generally always been a good sleeper but the last few weeks I’ve not slept so well since I was really ill about a month ago, I’ve had very vivid dreams ever since and taken ages to actually drift off. This last week has actually been a dream, although it has taken me a few days to get into going to bed a little earlier I’ve slept so much better and dreamed less (that I can remember anyway). Exercise may reduce insomnia by decreasing arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms and sometimes altering your body clock so it’s easier to get to sleep.

You go at your own pace:

Honestly, I’m really not a fit person.. I’ve always hated sports and the gym is my least favourite place on the planet so my strength and core is a bit naff. I’m lucky I do Pole and Aerial otherwise I would be totally helpless haha. I was worried starting the boot camp that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others there, which is true as they’ve been going for months or years longer than I have, but it doesn’t matter as you go at your own pace. You start on the lower weights, you do exercises slower and the trainers give you more attention and teach you how to do things properly. Also, no-one is looking at you and thinking you are shit, they wouldn’t think that anyway and also they are all too focused on what they are doing to know you are lifting 10kg less than them.

You get weighed and measured beforehand:

At some boot camps (all depending on what package you go on) they will keep records of your stats, your weight and measurements, and keep track on what you loose or gain. I was a bit worried before hand as I’ve been strict with myself for two years and not weighed myself. However, you can just ask to not know your measurements or weight, they’ve heard it all before and want you to be as comfortable as possible!

It’s actually well worth the money:

Another excuse I had not to go was “I can’t really afford it”, I can afford it I just need to stop eating out every week and use that money for something worth while haha. The boot camp I go to is £99 for 10 weeks, which when you break it up is only £10 roughly a week and only around £2.50 a session.. bargain! Also I can go to all sessions in the morning on that, get nutritional advice plus other advice and get my stats recorded, it’s a proper steal when you think of it that way.

My biggest realisation was that you have to be 100% mentally prepared to start a boot camp, I started now as it’s Spring / Summer so the days are longer and warmer, by the time Winter hits I will be already used to going to boot camp so it won’t be as hard. I’m glad I started now even though it was around 7 months after my friend first started, if I started with her I can almost guarantee I wouldn’t have continued after the first week. All in all, go at your own pace, start when you are 100% ready and enjoy it!

Hope this helped anyone who was thinking of starting a boot camp or personal training sessions, please comment or message me if you are curious and want to know anything 🙂


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