The Body Positivity Movement is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

First things first… I’m back! I went on my first holiday 2 weeks ago, so I took a month off this blog to put all my energy into that. I had a blast and I will be writing up a post about what I got up to in Amsterdam very soon!

I wanted my first post since being back to be something I’m super passionate about, so I thought what better time to talk about the Body Positivity Movement (BOPO) on social media (mostly Instagram as that’s where you will mostly find me). For anyone who read my post about Disordered Eating, you will know I fell into the rabbit hole of self-loathing while looking at seemingly perfect Women and Men online with their washboard abs and perfect life. For years I felt pressured and struggled with fitting in to the social standard that is presented to us and it’s only been the last year that I have started to see past all that… and I thank the Body Positive Movement for guiding me out of that rabbit hole.

It all started last year when I found an article online talking about a woman called Megan Crabbe (also known as @bodyposipanda on Instagram), Megan had a long battle with Anorexia, Bulimia and yo-yo dieting but found peace when she discovered the Body Positive community on Instagram. She has since amassed a great following from flaunting her amazing and healthy body online to show us all that all bodies are different and beautiful. Megan also released a book called ‘Body Positive Power’, which is a self-help book with a witty and fun edge… It is on my list of books to read so will write a review once I read it! I instantly followed Megan and throughout the next year started following other BOPO influencers.

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Apparently Khloe Kardashian, one of the most followed celebrities on social media thought it was a good idea to write an article titled '5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Your Pics'. According to Khloe looking 'thin AF' shows people that you have a 'sick bod' and gets 'your Insta comments to blow the f*ck up'. Nothing like teaching millions of your young fans that being as thin as possible will make you more beautiful AND more popular! So in response, here are my 5 Hacks to Not Giving AF About Looking Thin in Your Pics! 1. Remember that we've all been sold the idea that thinness = happiness by multi-billion dollar corporations that first taught us to see our bodies as 'flawed' 100 years ago, and after realising they could make a shit tonne of money from it, never stopped. Say diet cultureeeee on 3! 2. Remind yourself that your body doesn't exist for the viewing pleasure of other people, since you're not an inanimate object up for display, you're a living, breathing, multi-dimensional human being and how your body looks is the least important thing about you. *Flash!* 3. Realise that most of the 'thin AF' pictures you compare yourself to have been Photoshopped to hell and back and aren't attainable for any living human anyway! Smiiiiileeeee! 4. Always wear whatever the fuck you want and pose however the fuck you want and angle your camera however the fuck you want. Fuck flattering. 5. Stop following people who promote fatphobic nonsense and make you believe that looking 'thin AF' is something you need to aspire to. Seriously. Thanks for the tips Khloe, but I've had enough diet culture already for a lifetime, so you can keep them. I'll be over here looking chubby AF and being 100% cool with that. Byeeeeee. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 #RevengeBody

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Another influencer I swiftly followed after discovering Megan’s account was Christie Begnell ( who spreads self-acceptance and information around Eating Disorders through her art, I found that I learned a lot through Christie’s art and it helped me understand what I went through with disordered eating. Other influencers I highly suggest you go and follow are Milly, Connie and Charli. I’ve just bought Charli’s autobiography about her struggles from Anorexia to the beautiful, fiercely real model she is today, I think I will add this into a review with Megan’s book too! BOPO is becoming more well known, with celebrities like Presenter and actor Jameela Jamil who has created a movement on Instragram called I Weigh to showcase how everyone’s value goes beyond our looks, please check it out and even submit your own picture, I will be doing that tonight too!

Low self esteem is at an all time high, activists are calling it an epidemic and with cuts to Mental Health services, average waiting times for initial appointments sometimes being over 17 weeks and the ever increasing numbers of people suffering silently to Eating Disorders, we need this Body Positivity Movement. Diet culture has no signs of stopping and it doesn’t help that well known celebs are promoting articles on quick weight loss and tips to look thin (Khloe Kardashian, I am looking at you!). Every post, every article and every brave person standing up and saying, “This is enough!”, is influencing society into becoming an accepting community for all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. I began this journey with unfollowing every account that made me feel bad about myself and filling my feed up with people that inspire me every day. If I could give any of you some advice, please do yourself a favour and unfollow the accounts that is crippling your self esteem, its not worth it just to be in the loop. Put on your favourite outfit and take a selfie with your amazing and real beauty, be happy in yourself and spread that love online to other’s that are struggling.

One day I’d love to be able to call myself a Body Positive influencer, I am slowly coming to terms with presenting my real self online and spreading the body positive message to everyone I can.

Thank you for reading ❤


I couldn’t find the original article I read about Megan Crabbe, but here is another good article about her and the amazing work she does.

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