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My Piercings & Pain Ratings

One of my biggest passions is piercings, even though I don’t have a tonne. I started getting pierced more when I was 17 (when I didn’t need permission from a parent to get them done haha), then every year or so I got a new piercing. I’ve always taken it quite slow with getting pierced, I make sure my previous piercing is completely healed before I even think of getting another.. healing two piercings or more at a time is something I cannot be dealing with. While my Daith is still healing, I thought I’d make a list of my piercings and their pain ratings to help any of you that may be thinking of getting a certain piercing.



First I’ll start with my right ear as I have some different piercings on each ear. My first piercing was my lobes, which I got when I was 10 years old, they were pierced with a gun (which wasn’t great, but no-one pierced lobes back then with needles). I was a HUGE baby when I was young, and I don’t think I even flinched with any of my lobe piercings. There was a slight sting but it was over quick so I didn’t really process them.. Pain Rating: 2/10

My next piercing on this ear was my scaffolding piercing, I had this done when I was 17 for free as my Mum knew the Piercer. Not going to lie, this piercing was no walk in the park.. the Piercer first pierced the top of my ear then the bottom and thread the bar through after that. Unfortunately I had a really heavy handed Piercer who wasn’t delicate when threading the bar through.. this was probably my most painful piercing by far. I think if someone else pierced me I wouldn’t have found it so bad. It was quite temperamental to heal, somedays it wouldn’t hurt then others I would lean on it in my sleep or my hair would get wrapped around it which made it flare up again. Pain Rating: 8/10 

The newest and final piercing I have on this ear is my daith piercing (situated through the piece of cartilage in my outer ear). Unlike a lot of other people I didn’t get the piercing to cure migraines, I’ve just always thought it was pretty. I went to Southampton shopping for the day and a local piercing studio there was doing 2 for 1 piercings, so I got this and my friend got her scaffolding done. This wasn’t the most painful piercing I have had done but it was very uncomfortable, this area has very thick cartilage so it was hard for the needle to go through. I’d say it was more pressure than pain, and it’s so worth it as the piercing is gorgeous. Healing has’t been too bad as I don’t knock it, is abit awkward to wear earphones at first though. Looking at a star shaped ring to go in once it’s healed. Pain Rating: 6/10


I’ve already written about my lobe piercings above so I will start on my helix piercing (piercing in the upper cartilage of the ear). I think my helix piercing was one of the easiest piercings, barely felt any pain apart from a little sting. The only problem I had when healing this piercing was that I kept leaning on it in my sleep for a few weeks after I had it pierced and kept catching it on my hair. Planning to get another helix piercing on top of this one soon though! Pain Rating: 4/10

I have this piercing in my other ear too but I was covering it in the picture, oops.. but the next one I got done was both my tragus’. The tragus piercing is located in the front of the ear canal (the little nubbin poking out slightly), was actually a breeze to get pierced too. There is less nerves in this part of the ear so doesn’t hurt as much, although it is quite thick so I found it was more pressure than pain again. They took a while to heal as most cartilage piercings do and I’d be careful inserting ear plugs etc. Also I do have the habit of sleeping on them weird and them becoming a bit achy even though I’ve had them pierced for 3 years, might not be the same for everyone though. Pain Rating: 5/10

The last piercings I have on my ear are the double forward helix, which are the two piercings just up from the tragus. I had the first piercing for about two years before the second as it did take quite a while to heal as it’s in a thick bit of cartilage. As far as pain goes, the first one hurt worse than the second.. not sure if I was just having a sensitive day or not, but it sucked. The second one wasn’t too bad at all, the healing for that one was worse than the first though, I kept knocking it so it was getting irritated. I also accidentally bought a bar too big for the hole so it got infected.. but it’s been great since I got the purple curved bar put in. Will hopefully get a third piercing on top of the second so it will be a triple forward helix soon! Pain Rating: 7/10


One of my favorite piercings is my belly piercing, I think I got it in October 2011.. I only remember that as England had a weird, late heatwave so we all went to the beach. I can’t actually recall the pain of getting this piercing, I can’t remember it hurting that much, only a pinch like most piercings. The healing process was a tad annoying as I always wear high wasted jeans and shorts so I kept rubbing the piercing, I started to loosely wear a plaster over the bar which helped a tonne and it healed super quick. Pain Rating: 3/10


Now for the only facial(ish) piercings I have. I got my tongue pierced first nearly 3 years ago, I’m lucky my boyfriend came with me as I nearly bailed on getting it done as I was so scared! Luckily the initial piercing of my tongue surprisingly didn’t hurt much, was only a pinch and some pressure.. kind of felt like pushing a needle through a marshmellow. The healing process wasn’t too fun though, I struggled to eat anything for about 3 days and nearly fainted at work as I couldn’t eat anything but mash potato haha! I’ve heard soup is great to have while healing a tongue piercing but unfortunately I wasn’t a big of soup. Although the first 3 days sucked, after that it healed super quick, I remember eating McDonald’s (carefully) on the fifth day. The only problem I have now is that I sometimes swallow the balls on the end of the bar.. I have to remind myself to always tighten them up after meals. Pain Rating: 4/10 (piercing), 7/10 (aftercare).

My last piercing is the septum which I’ve had pierced for just over two years. Again, I’m lucky my boyfriend came with as a nearly bailed on getting it too haha, kinda funny too as he now has his septum pierced and I went with him to get that. The initial piercing wasn’t the best, as the nose is so close to the eyes, mine watered like crazy. It didn’t hurt too bad, was more of a sting than anything and some pressure in my eyes. This was probably one of the easiest piercings to heal, it was easy to clean and I mostly wore it flipped up so I could hide it from my parents and work. The only thing that sucked about this piercing was the smell, I can imagine all piercings smell as they heal but as this was right in my nose I could smell it alot.. this went away quite quickly though and I made sure I gently cleaned my nose with warm water and a cotton bud. Pain Rating: 5/10

My next piercings I’m hoping to get are my last forward helix piercing, to make the triple forward helix and one or both of my rooks (images below):

a1f71c82a6701871f26e283a346d763d--migraine-piercing-piercing-hélix Rook-Piercing-3

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about piercings or could tell me what to expect from getting my rook pierced then please feel free to comment!


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