Pole & Aerial

My New Fitness Journey

Gone are the days that people who performed with Aerial Silks and Hoop were either Gymnasts or ran away to join a moving circus. Just like Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness has become popular in the last couple of decades, it fuses everything from Pilates based core moves to gymnast styled aerial tricks. I for one am definitely not a gym person, I find it awkward and frankly, quite boring.. I need a work out that will keep me motivated and is a little bit different from the usual gym workouts.



I have been fascinated by anything macabre and different since I was a young child, I used to only watch Britain’s Got Talent for the gymnasts, contortionists and aerial circus acts, I luckily found a couple of aerial classes in my town that I could do along side Pole so I quickly booked me and my friend a place. A couple of years ago me and a friend did sign up for some Aerial classes and I really enjoyed it, but due to both of our work commitments we couldn’t continue.. But just like Pole classes, a couple of years passed and I went back and enjoyed it more than ever!



I am very fortunate to have a handful of Aerial classes to attend in my area, one of which is run by my Pole Instructor that I will continue to attend on any Fridays I have off work. I next tried another Aerial class that was down the road from me but they taught their students a lot different to what I am used to (which isn’t a bad thing, just not my thing!). My pole instructor advised we try out a company she trained with who teach similar to how she teaches Pole, so last night me and my friend decided to give it a go.. and oh my god, am I glad we did! The people were so nice and put me at ease straight away (which is needed when you are shy and awkward like I am), also because it was Halloween they played a fun game with us where you sit on the hoop and try to balance while they throw sweets to you, any sweets you caught you could keep, how can anyone not love a place that does that?! Sweets aside, I generally think I will excel at this class, they push you to do things out of your comfort zone which I need as I have a habit of being like “Noooo I can’t do that.. I’m not doing it” and totally end up psyching myself out. Moral of this story: if you aren’t happy in a class or even in other aspects in your life (job, relationship etc.) then don’t be afraid to go out there and find something better.


Obviously I am only a beginner at Aerial but will do updates on my progress as much as I can, this sport is too good not to share with others! If anyone in the Poole or Bournemouth area of South West England is looking for some aerial classes, then hit up Secret Circus.

As always, if anyone else has a cool hobby or even is involved in Pole and other Aerial arts then it would be awesome to chat, hit me up!


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