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My Pole Fitness Story & Why It Saved Me

Never underestimate the strength of a Woman, and never mess with one who hangs upside down from a pole for fun – Unknown

Pole dancing, or Pole Fitness, gets a lot of stick in the Media.. tabloids and news outlets basically calling us ‘whores’ and that we are tainting the younger generations by teaching them how to be a stripper -rolls eyes-. Bad luck to the Pole Dance haters though, as their stance on pole dancing just made me want to go to a Pole Fitness class more to see what the fuss was about!



I first heard about Pole Fitness classes where I live in 2013 while at Bournemouth University Fresher Fair. At this point in time I was gripped by some severe Self Esteem issues and was dying to get into some sort of fitness as I thought I needed to loose weight. Near the end of the day we spotted a Pole Fitness society that runs in Bournemouth University and puts on classes there in the evenings. So I signed up for it, but in true Carly style, I never went to -disapprovingly rolls eyes at past me-. Fast forward a few months, my friend found a Pole Fitness class around the corner from her uni accommodation which she finally managed to convince me to go to with her.  I will eternally be thankful to her for forcing me to go as it ignited a passion I’d been missing for years. The pole studio was located on top of a dance shop and the company Pole Crazy set up 6 poles for us to learn on, it was quite daunting at first but it soon became a second home. Unfortunately after around 6 months of on-off attendance, I had to stop going as I finished uni and had no spare money to keep going.  The next two years I missed going to pole so much and felt pretty depressed about not having an outlet for exercise, working in retail meant my shifts were all over the place so couldn’t finish early enough to attend the classes.


In September 2016 my friend Lucy randomly messaged me saying that she is going back to Pole Crazy as it was located up the road from where I lived and that I should come too.. this was the beginning of the rest of my life. I have now been poleing consistently (apart from a few missed lessons due to illness) for  a year and a month, the best year and a month of my life. A year ago I started Pole as an insecure, lost and unsure girl and now I have emerged as a confident and positive women. I am still dealing with some self-esteem problems (which I may write about in a future post) but every time I go to pole and nail a move those problems become less and less.


But the best part of going back to Pole Fitness classes was the amazing people I have met, honestly feel like I have gained an extra family and friends for life. I see people every week from all backgrounds, all body sizes and all ages, it’s so refreshing. A big shout out to my Pole Crazy family, thank you for saving my life ❤


Girls who pole together, stay together.




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